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Our customers believe in being in control of their lives. Gene2know gives you everything you need to put you in complete control of your DNA and puts it in the palm of your hand!
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After a simple in-home, saliva-based DNA test, you can find out if a drug is the right one for you, in a matter of seconds, using our Mobile App.
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How it works

Step 1 - Order Your Kit

Step 1 - Order Your Kit

Select the DNA service or services you desire.

Step 2- Provide Your DNA Sample

Step 2- Provide Your DNA Sample

Provide your sample and provide your G2K DNA sample

Step 3 - Get Results

Step 3 - Get Results

We analyze and decode your DNA sample and send you results.

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The G2K App

Our customers believe in being in control of their lives. Gene2know gives you everything you need to put you in complete control of your DNA and puts it in the palm of your hand!


What makes our app cool? Right from your phone you can:


  • Scan a medicine, vitamin or supplement, run a G2K PGX report while you’re at the store and find out if it will be good for you
  • Run a report on a medication to see if it conflicts another medicine you are taking, or an allergy, or illness.
  • Securely share your PGX report with your doctor when he/she wants you to take a new medicine
  • Set reminders to take your medicine, vitamins or supplements.
  • Enter a food and find out if you’re intolerant. Gluten? Lactose? Eggs? Okra? G2K will tell you!
  • How about if a food will make you fat? Who doesn’t want to know that! We’ll tell you.
  • So much more!

The G2K App is the world’s first comprehensive, interactive DNA mobile application.

“By Using the G2k medicine checker in the G2k mobile App I can easily enter vitamins and supplements that enhance my physical performance...
Kory Junior
“The G2K app Alerts me so that I remember to take and track all of my medications, and when I enter any new medications..
Alan Valdokh
"Pharmacogenomics (PGx) utilizes your DNA to predict if an individual is more likely to experience certain adverse drug reactions BEFORE the medication is taken”
Jacob Jaden



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